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How to attract people to your bar? These 5 tips let you succeed

With a Dutch average of 62.8 bars in a radius of 5 kilometer, there’s no such thing as a café shortage in this country (source: CBS). Because we work together with lots of hospitality businesses at JAM!, we’re very aware of this fact. There are a number of fun activities that you can organize to make sure people visit your bar, and not your neighbor’s. Do you already know which ones?

1. Host a pub quiz

One of the best ways to turn a calm Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday night into a full house, is by inviting all local quiz heroes to battle against each other in your pub. The prize? A free beverage bill! Give out a free platter of snacks for everyone, so the losers of the night return home satisfied as well. The only thing left to do for you is arranging a fun host – and you’re settled. We’ll bet you ten bucks that you see lots of those quizzers again.

2. Organize a tasting

It’s a hit for birthdays and parties, but also for a cosy night with two people: a tasting. This can involve all kinds of food and drinks: think about wine, whisky, cheese, craft beer or a tasting of the new menu. You can also involve your guests with your bar or restaurant in an interactive manner by only putting the dishes with the best tasting reviews on the menu. Then you’re certain that they will return to order their favorite dish again!

3. House a second-hand market

Do you have an extra space in your café? Then join forces with a local vinyl record collector or a vintage shop and make sure that they can sell their stuff at your place one Sunday a month. This way, you can profit from another client group and ensure they have a drink and a snack while shopping. Extra tip: let the shopping afternoon take place from 1 PM until 5 PM, so you can offer lunches, drinks and (optional) dinners.

4. Arrange a movie night

In the Netherlands, it can rain or shine from day to day. Both circumstances make for a perfect backdrop during a movie night at your bar! It doesn’t matter whether you’ve providing your guests with a garden or terrace and a projector during a warm summer night or a cosy night inside with snacks and tea; it’s both a recipe for success. Let your guests choose the movie through a Facebook poll and the only challenge you’re left with, is creating that ultimate lazy Sunday vibe.

5. Start a game tournament

In case you’ve got lots of board games in your bar, now is the time to pay attention. These games are perfect for a tournament! Choose a couple of popular ones or put the focus on one spectacular game and organize an evening or afternoon around it. Work in poules, so everyone gets their chance to shine and end up in a thrilling competition. What about a 30 Seconds tournament, a Triviant night or a Codenames match? Without a doubt, you’ll bring out the best (or worst) in people, which will lead to heaps of laughter.

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