Conversion factor


Take care of your salary administration with the easy MyJAM! app


  • App for all the worked hours and payroll administration
  • Legal advice for every situation in the workplace
  • First week illness is own risk
  • A fixed contact person
  • Incidental costs for legal hours and service hours
  • The service of the JAM! team is charged at an hourly rate


Conversion factor


The most benefits!
JAM! arranges your complete payroll and HR for a fixed all-in rate.


  • No employer risks
  • App for all of your hours and payroll administration
  • Legal advice for every situation in the workplace
  • Payroll administration is done for you
  • Absenteeism management
  • Recruitment and HR with a fixed HR manager
  • Training and education budget
  • Premium and subsidy optimization
  • Sickness costs included
  • Transition allowance included
  • Unlimited service of the JAM! team, without charging hours


When you have specific wishes

Contact us to make a selection for a tailored plan

How do the rates get calculated?

JAM! handles a fixed conversion factor per worked hour. This way, you are never confronted with an additional tax. This also applies to (long term) absenteeism, vacation days, vacation money, et cetera. Our factor is all-in.

How does the conversion factor work?

The rate that you pay as a business owner is based on the conversion factor. This factor consists of the following components, among others:

  • The amount of employees
  • The amount of worked hours of an employee
  • The pension
  • The amount of vacation days
  • Included risks (for example, own risk in case of an ill employee)
  • The payrolling and HR activities you want to outsource

We calculate your rate by multiplying the gross salary of your employees with the conversion factor. Because JAM! unburdens hospitality businesses completely, you save significantly more than when you take care of all of your insurances, HR and administration by yourself or when outsourcing it to other companies.

Calculate below how much JAM! would save you annually.

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