There is a ‘click’ with JAM!. With JAM!, things are approached differently, they are always open to anything.

Geertje IJntema, owner
klantcase la pizza

A time consuming salary administration

Italian restaurant La Pizza has two locations in Rotterdam, where the guests get served with traditional Italian dishes and pizzas. Geertje IJntema and Willem Renirie are the proud owners of La Pizza. Before La Pizza used the payroll services of JAM!, Geertje says: ‘I was spending a lot of time working on the salary administration instead of doing what I am good at.’ Keeping up with the employee administration, like renewing contracts or setting up new contracts took a lot of time. ‘With eighty employees I was only able to focus on salary administration, while my strong points are ensuring quality and guidance in the workplace.’

Approaching things differently

Geertje heard from other horeca colleagues about the advantages of a payroll partner and ended up with JAM!. JAM! has taken over the salary administration and the collaboration is going ‘perfectly’, according to Geertje. ‘There is a ‘click’ with our contact person. The first three conversations were immediately a very nice way of communication.’ With JAM!, things are approached differently, they are always open to anything, Geertje says. ‘We were able to negotiate about the tariffs – JAM! even came to Rotterdam to do this – and we worked it out together.’

Doing what you are good at

‘I have promoted JAM! to other companies,’ Geertje says. Were she was mostly doing the administration before, she now has completely changed her working activities. There is more space for flexibility in the entrepreneurship. Geertje can focus on the work in the workplace again, and the working together of the employees.

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